Marco Antoniades Bandwidth and Directivity Enhancement of Metamaterial-Loaded Loop Antennas for Microwave Imaging Applications
Hiroyuki Arai Switched Beam Antenna Attachment of Mobile Satellite Communication for Handset Terminal
Nader Behdad Design of a Vehicle-Mounted, Bandwidth-Enhanced, Electrically Small VHF Antenna Using a Characteristic-Mode-Based Approach
Leena Ukkonen Wirelessly Powered Implantable System for Wireless Long-Term Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure
Goutam Chattopadhyay Terahertz Conformal Antennas and Packaging
Zhi Ning Chen Low-Profile Broadband Mushroom and Metasurface Antennas
Yu Jian Cheng Two-Dimensional Beam Scanning Antenna Array with 90-Degree SIW Twist
Qing-Xin Chu Multi-Array Multi-Band Base-Station Antennas
Lorenzo Crocco Updating the Microwave Engineer's Toolbox to Design Phased Arrays for Medical Applications
Yijun Feng Electromagnetic Wave Manipulation and Energy Harvesting Through Metasurfaces
Alexandros Feresidis Millimeter-wave and Low-THz Antennas Based on Periodic Surfaces
Takatsugu Fukushima Broadband Planar Sleeve Dipole Antenna
Christophe Fumeaux Conformal Integration of Traveling-Wave Slot Antennas in Millimeter-Wave Regime
Steven Gao Smart Antennas for Satellite Communications on the Move
Eleftheriades George Shielded Perfect Reflectors Based on Omega-Bianisotropic Metasurfaces
Zhang-Cheng Hao A Wideband Stacked Patch Antenna for Reconfigurable Polarization Applications
Takashi Hikage Numerical Estimation of Electromagnetic Coupling Between Metallic Plates Implanted in Human Head and External RF Fields
Ronghong Jin A Novel Low-Profile Circularly Polarized UHF Crossed Dipole Antenna
Stavros Koulouridis Inductive and Radiating Energy Harvesting for an Implanted Biotelemetry Antenna
George Kyriacou Eigen-analysis of Composite Radiating Structures with Emphasis on Characteristic Modes: a Review
Ying Liu A Wideband Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna Using Tightly Coupled Array Mechanism
Tzyh-Ghuang Ma New Approaches for Realizing Beam-Switching/Scanning Antenna Arrays
Thomas Zwick From Heuristic to Deterministic Antenna Design: Exploring Virtual and Real World Testdrives for Mobile Antenna Requirements
Shigeru Makino An AMC Inspired Small Antenna MACKEY and Its Wideband/Multiband Design
Raj Mittra A Critical Look at the Characteristic Mode Analysis for the Design and Pattern Synthesis of Antennas Mounted on Complex Platforms
Agostino Monorchio Characteristic Modes Analysis for Pattern Shaping of Handheld Platforms
Hisamatsu Nakano Planar Bent-Cross-Shaped Metaline Antenna for Circularly Polarized Reconfigurable Radiation
John Papapolymerou In-package Antennas Using Multilayer Organic and 3D Printing Technologies
Antti Räisänen Graphene Based Antennas; are They Useful in Millimeter-Wave and THz Applications?
Jürgen Sachs Short Interfacial Antennas for Medial Microwave Imaging
Kazuyuki Saito Application of Microwave Energy to Therapeutic Devices
William Scanlon Antenna Considerations for Emerging Implanted Biosensor and Intra-Body Network Applications
Daniel Segovia-Vargas High-Power Terahertz Emitter Arrays
Kubilay Sertel Lens-Integrated Differential-Mode Butterfly Antenna for mmW/THz Applications
George Shaker Cellular Wireless Energy Harvesting for Powering Wearable Sensors
Atif Shamim Low-Cost Inkjet-Printed Wireless Sensor Nodes for Environmental and Health Monitoring Applications
Anja Skrivervik Design of Wearable and Implantable Antennas
Andrea Alù Non-Reciprocal Wave Manipulation with Non-Linear Metasurfaces
Manos M. Tentzeris Novel 3D-/Inkjet-Printed Flexible & 4D/Origami Reconfigurable RF Modules for Internet of Things and Smart Skin Applications
Sergei Tretyakov Metasurfaces for Perfect Control of Reflection
Guy Vandenbosch Wearable Antenna with Tripolarization Capability
J (Yiannis) Vardaxoglou Meta-Atom Materials for RF Microwave Surfaces Using FDM Additive Manufacturing
John Volakis Ultra-Wideband Dual-Linear Polarized Phased Array with 60o Scanning for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Systems
Hanyang Wang Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy Absorption in the Human Body for Mobile Terminals
Hao Xin Additive Manufactured Millimeter Wave Luneburg Lens Antenna for Automotive Radar Application
Quan Xue Planar Aperture Antennas for Millimeter Wave Applications
Xuexia Yang Broadband Meta-Surface with Polarization-Insensitive and Wide-Angle for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting
Zhinong Ying Simulations and Measurements of 15 and 28 GHz Indoor Channels with Different Array Configurations

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